Sunday, 6 June 2010

So Friday was my degree show and after alot of hard work I felt really happy with my finished exibition. The show was great and I couldnt belive the amount of people that came! I got some amazing comments about my work and met some really intresting people!  It feels really strange now that Uni is over but I am really excited about what the future might hold.

so here are some of the pics of my exibition.

Me in my space

Bird Box detail

Peep Box Detail

Peep Box Detail

Another Room in my Peep Box


MA Mansur said...

really kool stuff, am really digging your whole
peep box idea. mainly the one with the girl on the sofa with the text people looking at her thats a powerful image.

dear prudence said...

wow, just discovered your blog, and your wonderful art!

Claire said...


Joren said...

great stuff!