Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Quick Histories of Hull

I have been working on this project for a Production company called Visual Thinktank for a multimedia puppet show based on famous people from Hull. I provided the illustrations for this animation which was created by Andy Hampel from Visual Thinktank who also wrote the song! this video will form part of a multimedia show taking place at the Hull History Centre on Saturday the 10th of July as part as of the HumberMouth Literature Festival for more info follow these links

Friday, 11 June 2010


Im currently waiting for my degree results and its driving me mad! but I have a few things to keep me busy I cant share them at the moment but as soon as there finished Iwill post them up. So in the mean time I thought I would share some older things I havent posted and share with you my other passion which is collecting!

so these are some russian dolls I painted based on the theme of sweets!
I really enjoyed painting these and I have a few blank sets waiting to be painted which I will be putting in my Folksy shop which will be opening soon!

This is a hand embroidered self potrait that I created a while back it took a rather long time especially the hair! I felt rather pleased with this considering it was my first attempt at embroidery.

I also enjoy photography and took these images a couple of weeks ago in an area of Hull called the Fruit Market which is soon to be redeveloped as a thriving arts hub ceck out this link for more info . You can see some more of my images on my flickr account the link is on the right!

so to my collection I enjoy collecting all types of vintage items but I thought I would share with you my latest find which is a piece of mass market art from the 1950s the artist is Bruno Amadio be warned its rather creepy and definatly not to everyones tastes but I love it!

He fits in with the others though!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

So Friday was my degree show and after alot of hard work I felt really happy with my finished exibition. The show was great and I couldnt belive the amount of people that came! I got some amazing comments about my work and met some really intresting people!  It feels really strange now that Uni is over but I am really excited about what the future might hold.

so here are some of the pics of my exibition.

Me in my space

Bird Box detail

Peep Box Detail

Peep Box Detail

Another Room in my Peep Box